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Industrial Heating Solutions

Engineered To Endure

Our portable industrial space heaters deliver unparalleled heating efficiency, transforming even the coldest environments into comfortable workspaces with their exceptional power and reliability


Built to endure the toughest conditions, our heaters boast a robust and durable design, ensuring high-performance heating in even the most challenging environments


Workers in warm environment

Ignite  heaters are designed for unwavering reliability, providing consistent and efficient warmth in a variety of demanding settings, ensuring your workspace remains comfortably heated at all times


On construction sites or Oil/Gas sites, safety is a priority. Our heating products offer the safest features in the industry. Where varying temperatures and open environments are common, our heaters offer a steadfast source of warmth, enhancing worker comfort and productivity.

Their safe and easy portability and quick setup make them ideal for moving across
different zones of a construction project, ensuring every area is adequately heated.

Construction / Oil & Gas

In emergency situations, where reliable heating is critical, our heaters emerge as a dependable ally, delivering rapid and consistent warmth to temporary shelters, medical tents, or command centers.

Their safe/easy operation & robust construction withstands demanding conditions, providing essential comfort in times of need.

Emergency Support

For farming applications, especially in barns or outdoor areas, our heaters ensure a safe stable temperature, crucial for both livestock comfort and dry crop storage.

Their adaptability to various farm settings makes them an invaluable tool for maintaining optimal conditions year-round.


For special events, our heaters provide a subtle yet effective heating solution, maintaining a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for guests in outdoor or tented venues.

They operate quietly and efficiently, blending seamlessly into any event setting while keeping the ambiance cozy and welcoming.

Special Events



Overhead view of winter construction site


HO-400 is an oil fuelled heater


HO-400R is an oil fuelled heater with a recirculating hood


HD-400 is a dual fuelled gas fired heater


HD-400R is a dual fuelled gas fired heater with a recirculating hood

The H-150 is a space-efficient, portable propane heater, ideal for small projects or worksites


H-150 Front With Hose
Happy worker

It’s all about earned trust

A few words from our clients

I really like the orange and black colours, combined with the robust construction. They’re built like a tank. The double walled fuel tank gives me the confidence in the heater at job sites. I really like the solid wheels they use, compared to other heater manufactures. The heated fuel filter with water separator is a nice touch as well. The service and support from Ignites distributor has been a great pleasure to work with as they are highly skilled and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Ignite brand to anyone looking for a robust, reliable and well-built construction heater.

Herc Rentals

Nelson Aboliso

The Ignite heaters are awesome!
Robust , rugged and clean design.
Easy to use and service. Thermostat design is weather protected . Airflow is amazing on both the standard and R units . Heater is fairly well balanced . The Riello burner is reliable .
I recommend both the diesel and dual fuel units .
Customers love them , no complaints.

Cooper Equipment Rentals

Derek O'Neill

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